I am a historian by training and profession. My research focuses on various periods and topics of South Asian history from Ghazni to Golkonda, and Assam to Sind, c.1000-c.2000. My Ph.D. dissertation (The University of Arizona, 2015, advisor: Richard M. Eaton) dealt with the immediate (Aurangzeb’s reign, 1658-1707) memory of the 1658 War of Succession for the Mughal throne. These days, I am in the process of converting this output into book form with the tentative title Global Narratives of Aurangzeb’s Accession. I also wrote an unpublished M.Phil. dissertation on the making of Mughal rule in Bengal (c.1570-c.1627). I have researched and lectured on the influence of Ghaznavid literary culture on notions of indigeneity in South Asia; Asian Christian networks in Jerusalem; soldierly cultures of North India, and, oral memories of World War II. Hitherto, I have been published in Purushartha. I have also contributed to Encyclopedia of Islam 3, The Book Review, Outlook India and Dissertation Reviews.

I have taught compulsory and advanced undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Indian, European and World History, and Historical Method at the University of Delhi, The University of Arizona, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Central University of Punjab. Since Nov 2016, I am Assistant Professor in History at the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda.

Email: vikasratheee@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Appreciate your scholarly
    evidence based response to Gautier on Tipu. In Outlook. Am a History teacher very concerned about how historical facts are twisted by political dispensations to create hatred. Thank you. More links to your work please.


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